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I would like to personally welcome you to my story. My name is Tomek Stefani.  I am the founder and CEO of Gameoverinc… your Supercar Media.

I have shared a passion for everything automotive for as long as I can remember. My bedroom walls were covered with my favourite car photos and posters. Throughout my childhood, I spent countless hours drawing and daydreaming about Supercars, falling in love with them long before ever seeing one in person. During this time, I experienced the thrill and excitement of Supercars by playing with my MATCHBOX” toy cars, watching iconic car movies, playing car racing video games and flipping through my favourite automotive magazines. There is one particular memory from over 30 years ago that stands out. I was 11 years old and riding my bicycle when I heard an engine noise like none other. I stopped to see where it was coming from and saw two spaceships on wheels heading towards me… a yellow Lamborghini Diablo and a white Porsche 911.  My jaw dropped. Everyone stopped to look.  As both cars drove past me, I jumped on my bike and started peddling as fast as I could to keep up. My legs were burning. I could feel my heart racing. I had butterflies in my stomach. Despite the experience lasting only a few seconds, the memory lasted a lifetime.

Fast forward to today… I am a Supercar owner and I love sharing my passion with daydreamers everywhere. I know that people dont need to own a Supercar to experience the excitement of seeing one and hearing one. When a Supercar appears… everyone stops and looks. It’s an unavoidable reaction. 

It is this universal love for Supercars that inspired me to develop Gameoverinc. My vision is to produce automotive art by combining my creative design with Supercars as the canvas. To create a supercar billboard that will generate a celebrity-like media frenzy and stand out from all the media clutter. Our bespoke Supercar billboards will get photographed and videoed by thousands of people everyday and everywhere we go. Pictures and videos will be shared across multiple social media platforms to deliver your brand’s message across the globe from a single location. The engagement is not forced, intrusive or annoying. It is genuine and memorable. Consumers will be positively exposed to your brand.

I invite you to message me directly if you have any questions. You can inquire about our media kit and follow our social media channels on our exciting new journey.

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