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I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our innovative business model. My name is Tomek Stefani, the founder and CEO of Gameover Inc.

I have shared a passion for exotic cars for as long as I can remember, falling in love long before ever seeing one in person. During my childhood, the only place I could experience the thrill of supercars was through movies, video games, magazines and the posters that saturated my bedroom walls. I can still vividly recall when I was 14 years old sitting in the back of my parent’s car, I caught a glimpse of a yellow Lamborghini Diablo as it drove right next to us. I could feel my heart racing, I had butterflies in my stomach, and despite the experience lasted only a few seconds, the memory lasted a lifetime. That experience amplified my love for supercars and sparked my interest in creativity to start drawing my own designs.

Fast forward to today, my love for supercars and art resulted in the creation of Gameover Inc. My vision is to combine my creativity with the universal fascination people have for supercars.

I invite you to message me directly if you have any questions. You can follow our social media channels to join us on this exciting new journey ahead.

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