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Lykan is a unique creation from Lebanese company W Motors, which you may recognize from a pivotal scene in the Furious 7, where the supercar crashes through two skyscraper in mid-air. To be sure, not many of these amazing vehicles will smash through buildings in gravity-defying stunts as production is limited to just nine. Lykan is special and unique, which by itself is a huge advantage for any marketer seeking to dazzle audiences with something they have never seen or known of before. And with the Lykan Hypersport, you can bet that they will share its images on social media with furious hands! So, what is distinctive about Lykan? For one, it is the first indigenously designed and manufactured car ever in the Middle East. Its headlights are luxurious to say the least, embedded with 420 individual diamonds, blue sapphire and white gold, and titanium LED blades, the first for any car produced thus far. And if you were wondering, Lykan Supersport costs a whopping $3.4 million.

360° Exposure


Take advantage of 360° exposure. This supercar provides 230 square feet of graphic design that can be seen from every angle. We can wrap the entire car including upper portion of the windshield, rear side windows, and rear glass.


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