Out-Of-Home Advertising with show-stopping performance
About US

We are a new media platform for your business that can build and deepen your brand recognition by reaching your global audience, exposing your products and services in a unique way to new international markets attracting new consumers from one location.  

At Gameover Inc. we combine our passion for innovative design with extraordinary automobiles to create meaningful and exciting mobile advertising.


Supercars are a perfect backdrop for brands that share high-quality vision, exceptional performance, fine craftsmanship, exclusivity and fast reliable service. When we combine the powers of a supercar with the magic of our creative design we create a memorable experience like none other.

Just like celebrities our creative supercars have the star power to influence people’s decision making, create engagement and attract tremendous amount of attention from everyone around us. When our automotive art is spotted on public roads there is that jaw dropping shock factor we make it impossible to be ignored.  

The instant association of your brand with high-performance automobiles makes for meaningful and memorable advertising solutions in comparison with other OOH advertising options currently available.

Our services

Our services are unique and geared exclusively towards the worlds top national and global brands.


Checkout our unique lineup of automobiles to create your very own exclusive billboard.

Our Advantages
  • We are a new platform for your business that can reach your global audience from one location, expose your brand to new international markets and new consumers. The high-traffic areas we frequent are crowded with tourists & locals that provide a mixture of affluent consumers, millennials, & the generation z.
  • We provide you with unbeatable brand placement by circulating the city’s most popular locations, visiting iconic venues, making appearances outside sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade shows, & any other citywide prime entertainment hot spots.
  • Eye-level exposure our creative billboards pull consumers towards your brand. Visually captivating from all angles, we become the center of attention everywhere we go. Attracting large audiences with the desire to take photos & videos generating tremendous media buzz well beyond the billboard itself.
  • We are the connecting bridge between physical & digital worlds. Pictures & videos taken are tagged with trendy hashtags and shared by consumers themselves instead of sponsored ads making your message personal and more meaningful. QR codes are integrated into our designs along with NFC, Beacon, & Geofencing technology which further enhances our digital integration.
  • To enhance your media campaign our handsome driver & model can display your product during the designated stops. We do this by wearing or holding your merchandise & playing your video content on our portable tablets. We have a film crew capturing all the memorable moments during your campaign to make a highlight video that will generate continues exposure online.
  • To ensure safety & maximize the number of impressions captured during each media campaign our vehicles are governed not to go over 37 mph / 60kmh, our drivers have many years of driving experience specializing in defensive & tactical driving, in depth car knowledge, and most importantly safety.
  • With limited production we always choose quality over quantity. To maintain exclusivity, we run a maximum of three media campaigns simultaneously within the same city. All three media campaigns will feature different industries.